Ball Machines: How good is the Remote Control

Discussion in 'Other Equipment' started by OldSchool, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. OldSchool

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    Please provide information about the remote control for you ball machine:
    1. Machine model
    2. Date purchase or manufactured (approximate age is OK)
    3. Range (Does it work from behind the opposite baseline?)
    4. Size of remote
    5. Responsiveness (How often does it fail to turn the machine on/off?)
    6. Reliability (Have you ever had the remote repaired?)
    7. Any other information you would like to supply regarding the remote

    Remote controls are a source of concern for owners and users of tennis ball machines. Many have poor range, requiring you to walk to the net to run the machine on or off. Others have a history of repair problems. Some manufacturers require that you send the machine to the factory for repair when the remote fails.

    When remotes work well, it is difficult to imaging using a machine without one. When they have poor range, work intermittently, or fail prematurely, they are frustrating wastes of money.

    Remote controls are expensive - often adding 25% to the price of a ball machine. Those interested in purchasing a ball machine with a remote are very interested in what you have to say.
  2. OldSchool

    OldSchool Guest

    MatchMate Coach 5FR (now out of business)

    1. Machine Model: MatchMate Coach 5FR (no longer in production)
    2. Date purchase or manufactured: 1990
    3. Range: Excellent. Worked from well beyond the opposite baseline - anywhere on the court.
    4. Size of remote: About the same size as a garage door opener remote - slightly larger than a deck of playing cards.
    5. Responsiveness: Excellent. Never had to press the button more than once - except when the battery needed replacement once every 2 years.
    6. Reliability: No (see below)
    7. Other information: The remote failed after about 4 years. The remote was left outside in the ball machine (covered) through the winter. Most likely the failure was caused by moisture. The company was out of business so the machine has been used for the past 12 years with no remote - a notable inconvenience.
    If you buy a machine with a remote (and you should strongly consider it). Make sure it can be repaired or replace easily. You can purchase replacement remote controls for most televisions and garage door openers. Demand the same for your tennis ball machine. Finally, make sure the range is strong enough to reach the entire court.
  3. SpinItIn

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    May 6, 2006
    Remote control = thumbs-up

    1. Machine model Tennis Tutor Plus
    2. Date purchase or manufactured July 2006
    3. Range Baseline-baseline (see below)
    4. Size of remote Same as car keychain remote
    5. Responsiveness Works 8+/10 times
    6. Reliability N/A (only 6 weeks old)
    7. Any other information you would like to supply regarding the remote

    Remote works much better now that antenna is straight -

    I bought a demo unit with remote for approx. same price as new unit with no remote. In hindsight I would say this was a good choice - it's quite nice to be able to pause the ball feed or jog the oscillation to switch from forehand-backhand, etc.
  4. Chipenstein

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    I just received my Tennis Tutor Player Plus a couple days ago and the remote works great - well past the baseline every time.

    As an aside, in the short time I've owned it I love it. Time will tell how reliable it is.
  5. Jay27

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    Jun 30, 2004
    I really do appreciate this. I just bought a TT Plus 4 ball machine and absolutely love it. However, I didn't have a remote with it. I thought that I could just hit the balls and then go turn it off, but now that I see how difficult it is to run all the way to the other side while tennis balls are being thrown, it's a true burden. I would love to have the remote now so that I could shut off the machine when it's wearin' me out. Now, I have to order a remote with some kind of device that I actually have to hook up inside the machine. Has anyone done that before? Also, the thought of buying a remote and it not working properly really makes me a little nervous--especially when this TT Plus 4 I just bought is about 2 years old. What does the remote actually include. Does it have options to turn on or off the oscillation or any other features other than just turning it on or off? Thanks!
  6. Chipenstein

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    It's a pretty basic remote. Only 2 functions: 1) Starts and stops balls; 2) Starts and stops oscillation.

    That's about it. It would be nice to be able to adjust the ball speed and the elevation as well. That would be a cool addition.
  7. vegitiger

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    Aug 14, 2006
    MatchMate Coach Owner's Manual

    Hi, I am wondering if you have the owner's manual. I just bought a used MatchMate Coash ball machine. It's excellent, but does not come with the manual. If you have the manual, could you please make a copy and send it to me? I will compensate for the labor and shipping. My email address is


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