Ball toss in serve


Most pros toss the ball in the serve with their arm straight all the time. But some players, like for example Drakulie( watch this video , straightens the arm after he has tossed the ball.
I'd like to know if it really matters how you toss because so few pros toss like that.


Straight arm because it is more dependable however the arm should be relaxed and not tight.


Having your arm up is a good way to set you up for the distance of the ball of where you going to hit. Its tell you how high you want to hit the ball but i would just do that for my second serve, because once you get use to the height of the ball you can just toss it and smack it without your arm up. Second serve you would need it most cause its help you relax and its get you back into your serve.


Yes, straighten the arm. My serve went all over the place and I had it evaluated and that was the main problem!:)


a straight arm is easier because it is easier to
throw it the same way time after time
since you don't have to think about the angle in your elbow