Bard: Give me the median tennis racquet specs among ATP pros

The median tennis racquet specs among ATP pros are as follows:
* Head size: 98 square inches
* Weight: 335-345 grams
* Stiffness: 63-65
* String pattern: 16x19
* Balance: 31-32 cm
* Swing weight: 317-320

These specs are based on the racquets used by the top 100 ATP players in the world.

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unstrung. I'd guess the median strung SW would be more around 340-350
If those are unstrung figures, then yes 347-355 sw would be the expected strung range, which is certainly what the ATP numbers used to be, but I thought they were coming down in recent years. I wonder if 'Bard' uses all the latest data for each player, or whether it has just found an old article and taken data from that. Jonas Nerd listed figures a few years ago that were similar to those.