Barricade 5 pics here


Wish I knew the weight of those things, oh well, thanks for the post! :)
I've forgotten the exact numbers, but they're going to be slightly LIGHTER than the Barricade IV's. They're very similar (one of the least changed Barricade generations) in all other respects, but have been made somewhat lighter than the current version. Not sure yet how they compare to the I, II and III.


Too bad there is such limited amount of colors to begin with. But i'll get the white-black ones!


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how come i see stars to replace the some words from the link?.... some one want to kinda fill them in for me?.. lol
well they should already change the complete design of the barricade. For me its already getting boring. They should let Adidas Originals handle the design of the barricade


Barricade V
At Retail: 01/01/2008 SRP: $120.00
The legend just gets better and better.
The perfect blend of durability, cushioning, and support is lighter than ever with a snug, supportive fit.
Upper: Synthetic leather upper for light weight and durability.
Lining: Textile.
Inlay: Molded EVA insole for anatomical comfort.
Midsole: adiPRENE+ insert for forefoot propulsion and efficiency.
Extended TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot and forefoot integrity.
Feathered construction allowing for ultimate performance in multi-directional sports.
Outsole: adiWEAR 6 for the best durability in high-wear areas.
Sizes: 6.5-15, 16
Available Colors
668325 Running White/Black/Iron/Light Scarlet
047395 Black/Metallic Silver/Macaw
047394 Running White/Metallic Silver/Medium Lead

Looks like the shoes are getting pricier...


Just a hot tip, wait a few weeks or months until better colourways come out. I remember getting the 1st colourway B4's just because they were released and half regretted it.

Anyway, I'll get the new Feather 3's for sure.
off topic: the grandslam edition nike revives look pretty cool and so do the breathe cage 2s

The barricades look the same, but maybe they are better, no one knows yet


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they look pretty much the same as the BIVs but i think they look a touch better.
fingers crossed for a lighter weight ;)


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There are plenty of threads on this already.

Besides, I'll be sticking with IVs.

However, looking at the upcoming clothing, I'll definitely be getting the black and blue Edge crew shirt or the black and white polo.
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idk theyll grow onto you i will admit the all black is the only one that looks reasonable right now but i am sure eventually i will enjoy the new color schemes