Barricade 6 Is Outt!!!!



I hope they release an all white or an all black version. I'm getting tired of these retro 80's designs. I want to keep it simple.
Yes, they should have a white version with black stripes and a black version with white stripes. These bright colors are effing atrocious. I would never buy a pair and I love Barricades!
Here is the reivew from TW which i was able to access today at 9am...
"Few shoes garner the excitement and anticipation of a new Barricade. Having earned the honor of being considered the ultimate hard court shoe with previous versions, we have been waiting awhile for this sixth version to come out to see if it still reigns supreme on terra firma.

First up, break-in. Pretty much since the introduction of the Barricade III, the Barricade has been a shoe that requires a break-in period. The Barricade 6.0 is no different. It took me about a week of playing before I felt the shoe start to flex and move with my feet. I never felt any discomfort during break-in with no issues of poking or pinching, rather the shoes just felt a little clunky on the first few wears. Once the Barricade 6.0s started to break-in and move with my feet, as expected, it was worth the wait.

Moving side to side in the shoes, I find all the support and stability I've come to expect from a Barricade. The chassis just feels rock solid under my feet and inspires total confidence to go all out with my court movement. The uppers on this sixth version definitely have a softer feel. They broke in more quickly than the Barricade V and have a lighter, more airy feel on court. So far I've found the shoes to play cooler and more ventilated as well as allowing a little more flex for fast court movement. The new upper matches perfectly with the solid chassis to provide a fast yet ultra stable feel.

On sprints toward the net, my feet feel secure and supported inside the shoes. The inlay quickly contoured to the shape of my feet and the arch support is exceptional. Adidas has carried over its Torsion System into the Barricade 6.0, and the system does a fantastic job of supporting my arch and locking my heel in so I can take off at full speed. When I am up on my toes, the shoes flex in exactly the right place, allowing for a good push off and a quick first step.

As far as the outsoles go, adidas offers a six-month durability guarantee. The Barricade has always been one, if not the, most durable shoes on the market. This version lives up to that reputation, and after a month of hitting, I'm only just starting to see the first signs of wear.

Traction is excellent in the Barricade 6.0. I'm able to make really aggressive cuts, starts and stops and always have confidence the outsole is going to hook-up and provide the grip I need. When coming to a quick stop there is just enough give in the shoe and the outsole to allow for a controlled, even stop.

After wearing the shoes for a month, I have been truly impressed by this latest Barricade. It offers all the traction of the Barricade V, but I found the uppers to be suppler and the break-in to be quicker. The Barricade 6.0 also just feels lighter and faster on my feet.

The only downside for me is a cosmetic one, with some of the blue paint flaking off the Barricade claws on the lateral side of each shoe.

All in all, I am really impressed with the Barricade 6.0. We have been waiting awhile for this shoe to come out, and I am sure you will agree once you have tried a pair, it has been worth the wait."

here's the link with vid


That guy needs to learn a few more words than 'dynamite'. Also he doesn't talk about the comfort/cushioning in comparison to the V??


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nice review. i think i'll go for them once they black/whites come out. why do they always release the worst color first


I actually kinda wonder why they didn't do a full review. It sounds a little more like a marketing shtick than a review. They did the same thing with the pure drive roddick GT.


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Great, will go well with my Star Trek costume.
I think it's more like Doctor Who.

It's a good reminder that the new season is starting in the US this weekend.

I mean as far as the side with all the open circles, a nice representation of what they thought the "future" would be like in the 1960's, and guess what? they were right.

(instead of having that in our spaceships and time machines, we have it on our shoes......)


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just saw an ad that says it's 10% lighter than the barricade V sorry the 5 is cut out on the pic. The site I got this from has the images seperated.

is it ok to post the website here from a UK shop? Shows the Adidas Andy Murray collection as well as prices in GBP. It breaks down the difft parts of the shoe and theres a vid of Murray talking about his adidas partnership.
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I actually kinda wonder why they didn't do a full review. It sounds a little more like a marketing shtick than a review. They did the same thing with the pure drive roddick GT.
Do you actually trust the "reviews" on tenniswarehouse? The reviews are made by the staff, and obviously they're not going to write anything bad about it. Take the Gamma TNT2 Fatcores. The review says the fat core makes the string very durable. Really? Those strings have terrible durability. I think all of their reviews are "marketing shticks" I prefer reading the customer feedback, though there aren't very many of them for new products.