Barricade IV's a Good Replacement for II's

Ed Lee

I currently wear Adidas Barricade II shoes. I really like them, but they are hard to find these days. I have read that the Barricade IV's are a good replacement for them. However, I also have read that they are quite heavy. Anyone out there who has transitioned from the II's to the IV's feel the same way? Also, are there other suitable substitutes for the Barricade II's?


You can still get BIIs at many websites including TW :D

BIVs are heavier, slightly more stable. You could get use to it. I still like the BIIs though.


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I switch between the B2s and B4s. Just to add to goober's statements, the B4s also feel more lower to the ground (gives that feeling of stability). My preference is to the B2s because they're a tad more comfortable with a little more cushion compared to the B4s.