Barricade V - Spring 08


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i think they look better than the b4

the edge polo in the middle looks nice

thanks fedlite


Am I the only one that thinks that Adidas slightly modified the cosmetics of the Barricade IV while barely changing the performance, so that they will make millions off of Barricade fans, without spending much money at all in the R & D department?

Personally, I hope that I'm wrong in thinking the above. I swear by the Barricade IV's, and they are quite close to the perfect shoe for me. I am truly hoping Adidas has improved on the weight issue, the only thing that has bothered me (and only in long summer practices too).

Thanks for the pics, they're great


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^^^^ I know, they're like fricken rocks. I switch to my running shoes and I feel like I can run 238497 miles.


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The second BV looks like a cross-trainer or one of them Yonex shoes perhaps. I'm not too thrilled about it. I really like the Edge Theme polo, though and its color scheme.
Those Barricades look like custom copies of the IV, but with rectangular holes instead of circular. Seems strange of Adidas to not change much, considering the relatively radical changes from the II to the IV, unless the performance of the shoe has been greatly improved in terms of technology.