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  1. ptb5021

    ptb5021 Guest

    I've been using the Barricade 6, but my 6-mo sole warranty is approaching.

    My options for replacement:
    • Barricade 7
    • Barricade 6
    • Barricade Team 2

    I'm liking the considerably lower weight offered in the Team 2. Though I like the durability and stability in the B6s.

    I've been pretty rough on shoes in the past, but I think my footwork is getting better to the point that I'm not wearing them down as much.

    Opinions on the best value of these three shoes?
  2. ArliHawk

    ArliHawk Hall of Fame

    Jan 3, 2012
    I tried both on and went with the Team Barricade 2s. The lightness really makes a difference for me and I went with those instead.

    Great shoe, and really love the blue and orange colors.
  3. FLYTYER1964

    FLYTYER1964 Guest

    I have really enjoyed my Barricade 6's! Personally I just don't really care for the way the 7's look. The Team 2's are nice but the Barricade's are my favorites.
  4. Funbun

    Funbun Professional

    Aug 6, 2009
    If you want the best value, definitely go for the B7's. It will have a little wider fit than the B6's, but it's worth the durability, money, and stability.
  5. Muse

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    Mar 13, 2004
    The general consensus seems to be that the 7's are a much better shoe than the 6. However, since you're actually using the 6's and are considering getting another pair, that probably means you think they're a good shoe. You should probably try the 7's out for yourself.

    The best value would be the 7's by far. If you liked the team 2's, you could just get the 7's and sell them online so you could get the team 2's and pocket a little extra cash.
  6. ArliHawk

    ArliHawk Hall of Fame

    Jan 3, 2012
    Good call!
  7. kimguroo

    kimguroo Hall of Fame

    Aug 23, 2008
    Barricade 6
    Because you like the shoes and you will receive barricade 6 replacement for your Current warranty so when you buy new barricade 6 now, you will claim your warranty around Sep. I think Adidas will not have anymore Barricade 6 replacement on Sep so you will get barricade 7.
    Since team does not offer the warranty so barricade 6 might be the best choice in my opinion.

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