Basilashivili won the Doha, What does this mean for Federer ?

what's ahead of federer in 2021 ?

  • Win wimbledon

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  • win wimbledon and US open

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • Give Rafa all he can handle at french open and win wimbledon

    Votes: 2 16.7%

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man who beat federer won the tournament which means he was playing some great tennis, destroying world's top players like RBA and Taylor Fritz. This means Federer was playing great tennis, and not far from dominating the tour again, i think. What's in store for federer this year if he continues to progress with his comeback ?

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And yet... Fed was so tired after playing just 2 matches that he had to drop out of the next tournament and go "train" for 5 more weeks.

Because, I guess he believes the best way to get fit for ATP level tournament tennis matches is... to play no tournaments at all.

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I already knew Basilashivili was playing great tennis, because I watched his match vs. Federer.


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It means the big 3 do not care about minor tournaments and prefer to focus their energy on the slams. At their age, they can't expend maximum energy on every tournament, otherwise they would stop winning slams. At this point, these minor tournaments are just glorified practice sessions for the big 3 and they don't really care about losing them.


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Nadal on clay is a R/P/S nightmare for Basil Fawlty. In two matches on dirt, the 2x Hamburg champion has won two games. In his two HC matches vs The Nadal, he fared better but lost and actually won a set.