BB Melbourne Review compared to BB London, pb10 mid, head yt prestige mp, yonex srd.

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    Jul 12, 2010
    I got my becker melbourne this week and used it for about 2 hours tonight. I had it strung at 55lbs with a tour bite 17 / kirshbaum touch multifiber 17 hybrid...

    My main racquet is a Yonex Super Rd, but I also owned the PB10 Mid, The Becker London, and the Head YT Prestige MP which I'll use to compare the Melbourne.

    Overall I was impressed with the Melbourne. The weight and static feel was very similar to my Yonex. Serves were heavy and deep... and the control was very good. My backhand which is traditionally my weakness worked beautifully as I spanked balls back deep and the slices had lots of bite to them. Part of it's success was due to the tight string pattern and also the weight of the racquet and its plow thru. The biggest problem I had was on my forehand ground strokes as I didn't get as much top spin penetrating groundstrokes as I normally do... It's hard to say if this is due to hitting the ball off-center trying to get topspin or because of the 18x20 string pattern that i'm not used to... anyway, this will require some adjustments but the racquet wasn't very forgiving on those mishits.

    Now to compare...

    vs the London:
    Both have soft comfortable hits on impact. Very comfortable when you hit the sweet spot on the Melbourne and I think the recessed grommets on the side play a huge role in that. Lots of dwell time too. Obviously, the control is much better on the Melbourne as certain balls tended to sail on me with the London. However, if your strictly looking for a heavier london, then I think you'll be somewhat dissappointed. These racquets are for two different types of games. The London made me into mostly a brusher and I had to use spin to keep the ball in. So the whippiness and the forgiving string bed really helped in that regard..naturally, the London is better at creating angles and more looping shots. The Melbourne is better if you hit a more penetrating ball from behind as the string pattern makes groundstrokes less forgiving. You can definetly use more of the mass of the racquet and it's less about the ability to whip it around... although it is still pretty quick through the air. If you can adjust your games accordingly to suit the racquet than the melbourne is possibly an alternative to the london as there are some similarities. I was also impressed with the feel on lobs...very similar to the London which i consider the standard bearer on lobs.

    vs. the PB10 Mid:
    the PB10 Mid is brilliant and ideally it'll eventually be my goto racquet but was looking for something with a slightly larger head size for my off days or when I played outside on a windy day. The Melbourne might had a larger head size, but I think the sweetspot is very close to the PB10. The PB10 just has a very consistent string bed that's very forgiving and was easier for me on groundstrokes. Again, this may just require me adjusting to an 18x20 string bed. PB10 wins at the net and on overheads based on the maneuverability. The Melbourne hits a more penetrating and heavier serve. The PB10 has a slightly hollower feeling to the racquet whereas the Melbourne is just solid feeling.

    vs the Head YT Prestige MP:
    I wanted to compare this racquet because I found they hit similarly... now I had the Head for about 2 months before I decided it was too demanding for me. I found the Melbourne more forgiving. Although the Head says 98 sq in, it plays more like a 95. Both have a comfortable hitting sweetspot, a solid feel and an 18 by 20 string pattern with similar control properties... The Head was more maneuverable and slightly more polarized weight wise. Groundstrokes were probably more penetrating on the Prestige MP. However, serves were much easier on the Melbourne.

    vs the Yonex super rd:
    Still remains to be seen if the Melbourne can knock off my main stick... If i can get my forehand working than it probably will as i have far more control on my backhands. My yonex has better spin potential, better angles, and is more forgiving. But what I was really looking for was a racquet with a little more stiffness, maneuverability, and slightly lighter... so hopefully I can find the wild side of 18x20...

    sorry for being haphazard... just trying to get these thoughts down as they come to me. I'm sure i forgot something, so if you have specific questions to these comparrisons, let me know. Will hit again with it tomorrow.
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    Jul 12, 2010
    just a follow up on the Melbourne....

    the strings have loosened a bit and now i'm getting much better action off my groundstrokes. So I suggest stringing the melbourne on the lower end of the tension range. Grounds strokes feel a lot better now.

    As for the PB10, I added more weight to the handle, 10 & 2, and at 4 & 8 band played with it today... it's much better as my swing isn't as fast and my arm is more controlled. and i'm still able to hit a heavier ball too. very club like but the smaller head size still keeps it maneuverable.

    I still need to figure out which racquet i play best with... the pb10 Mid, the Melbourne, or the yonex.
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    Oct 5, 2010
    The London and the Melbourne are designed exactly for the same type of players. The London is a combo of the two BB 11s, which were R&D'd with Boris, for Boris. The Q10 Tour was always Boris' goto stick, and the Melbourne is the BB 11 SE simulated update of the Q10 Tour; it has tons more feel than all three BB 11s. All those who have issues with too much power and lack of control with their Londons need to string more accurately with better craftsmanship. When you do, there is zero string bed issues. The only difference is that the London taps-out somewhere between 5.5-6.0 pace. All of this info is coming from many multiple 6.0-7.0 players.

    Their is no player's frame in the BB/Volkl line which half-volleys or volleys better than the Melbourne. A stock Melbourne volleys as well as my 396 grams PB 10 Mid. It volleys and half-volleys as well as the BB 11 SE with less weight and as well as the BB 10 with far more feel.
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    Interesting comparisons TM,..Thx!!!![​IMG]

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