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    Is it just me or does everyone have the trouble of seeing much of our teachers than we used to? (and by that I intend much of their real rind) than in the previous years. I was amazed to view one of our best year teachers in a spaghetti strap best with her ladies hanging away the side of it and she teaches lower basic grades! I've seen new teachers wearing skirts that seem like they should be on a 10 or 12 year older and when they slim over. wrap the babies' eyes before they get blindfolded! During our last days of school we have Water Fun Day with stations (like dunk tanks and water balloon fights) for the kids to beat at. However, we have teachers that alter into brief shorts and they go turns playing at the water stations and operate around the school yard in their damp, light-colored T-shirts! I look like I should alter schools because I can't think the actions of some of the others. I wear't need to be affiliated with this school because of the terrible reputation I'm fearful it is going to get, but are new schools dealing with these kinds of issues, overly

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    sounds like a need to address this issue at the next parent/teacher meeting.
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    Great post, thanks for sharing. It's a shame that this hasn't been discussed more on these boards in the past.
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    Thread of the Week.

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    agreed jet...

    that shouldnt be going on....unless the teachers are hot...jk
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    Listen teachers are private citzens also. Their contract covers the hours of 8-3:30 and as long as they are not doing anything illegal they should be allowed to do whatever the heck they want with their PRIVATE time because they are not under contract 24/7. They have the right to dress and act in the manner they choose just like every other citizen as long as they conduct themselves within the letter of the law. This has to be one of the worst threads I have ever seen.
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    alcap, they do have rights as citizens, but oss is a tax payer who essentially 'hires' the teachers. He/She has the right to dictate what he/she looks for in a teacher as a tax payer, then the teachers are obligated to conform or find a new job, and in Oss's case, apparel is a key issue which he/she uses to determine a qualified or less than qualified teacher.

    If one of my professors went out to a bar frequently, the university does not have the right to fire him on the grounds of how his private time is spent technically. However, as a student I dictate that professors job, and my loss of respect for him may go as far as to result in me transfering (the school losses funds) or me complaining to the appropriate faculty, and thus him losing his job or being threatened with it.

    Giving education, aka teaching, is a service like any other. However, it possess the unique attribute of also being 'role models' to their customers, and a firm/business can consider the low brow dress, or alcoholism as grounds for termination since teachers acquire the position of mentors, leaders, and role models for their customers.

    However, I fail to see how this is an appropriate topic for tennis warehouse forums, people come here to argue the quality of shoes/clothing or ask others about their experience with a specific product, not to argue the correct level of formality in a teacher's apparel.
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    rants and raves section...

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