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Discussion in 'References' started by nocab, May 1, 2006.

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    Nov 15, 2005
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    i traded two racquets of mine for two racquets and a bag to momoshiro. my racquets were both in better condition and more valuable so we decided a racquet bag(tecnifibre 6pack ~$40) would help make the deal more even. he sent the racquets and told me the bag was sent in another box. the racquets showed up but the bag never did. he said he would send another, which never came. this was 5 weeks ago and he will not reply to my emails. his real name is kenji and his email is if you encounter him be careful i suggest not trading with him
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    I had a bit of a weird thing happen with him. I agreed to trade a racket of mine plus $40 for one of his. I sent him the racket but forgot to put a $40 money order in the box. Just so you dont think i tried to rip him off, i agreed he didnt have to send racket til he got mine. Well obviously he e-mailed me saying where is the $0. I apologized and said I would get it out to him. I just got really busy at work and never got the chance so I decided to be the good trader and told him to just keep the racket. The very next day he posted it for sale!! I told him if he was just going to turn around and sell it, then I would send him postage and he could send it back to me. I told him he should be embarrassed by his actions. he of course saw nothing wrong with what he did. I am sure some of you will feel since i said he could have it he could do whatever he wanted with it and you may be right. i just think that a true scrupulous and moralistic person would have offered to send it back to me before selling it. Just thought I would weigh in.

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