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    Nov 12, 2010
    I've got a big tournament this weekend. I'm playing against a lefty who is 1 seed in my first round match. Usually my kick serve helps a lot versus better players because I can get it high and to their backhand, but now I'm playing him. He's really consistent and doesn't seem to have any apparent weaknesses, how do I go about winning the match? If I can get through it, I should be able to make it to at least the semis.

    Also, is it illegal to have a few notecards or a piece of paper reminding myself of what to do? Like small mental/technical tips just scribbled down and glancing in between changeovers? I've never heard of it before but a friend recommended it. Is this legal?

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    It is not illegal to have notecards, I have even seen professional tennis players refer to their "notes" during a changeover break.
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    Yep, it is legal. Notecards, notebook, pen, paper - just nothing electronic. And you have to bring it to court with you at the beginning (ie, no getting notes from coach). Very common for players to do this to keep themselves focused between sets. I've seen guys even write out scenarios, like "if I win the first set, what did I do well? What will he change?" or "If I lose the first set, how did he beat me? How can I adjust?" etc.
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    Try to play YOUR game. Do not alter your game so much to win that you are playing a totally different style. You are going to have to play well and find something that your opponent does not like. Move him sided to side and up and back. Try to play so that he is playing your game. Do not worry about winning and losing. Try to play well and smart. If you cannot execute enough shots to win the match then you still have more to work on before you are ready to beat this level of player. Good luck!

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