Becker and Broom Closet/Wardrobe?


I am curious...

1. FROM HOLY GRAIL REVIEW: ~Boris became a little worried during the playtest when he lost one of the test racquets. "Fortunately, I found The Holy Grail in the broom closet. I must have left it in there when I was, er, cleaning. Anyway, when I got out to the courts and hit some returns, The Holy Grail didn't let me down.

2. AMAZON.COM book review: ~I'd have like there to have been a Boris' tips section, as well, in which Mr. Becker recounts the best ways to avoid tax fraud, and also his hints as to how to hide in a wardrobe.
An opportunity missed, quite frankly.

Becker and Closet/Wardrobe? What happened?
Could someone enlighten me please?


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Let's say you were pretty wasted, at a sushi restaurant for instance, and started chatting up a fair-looking Russian gal, but in your drunken state, she looked REALLY GOOD, and then either you, or she suggested a "summit" in private, in the restaurant broom closet...what would you do? Well, that's what Boris did and the result of those 5 minutes of pure lust eventually cost him several $million. Get it?


Yeah Boris had a closet liason as mentioned, the result was him getting the Russian gal pregnant. He was going to reportedly use the defence that he recieved oral sex and she then took matters into her own hands straight after this in order to get pregnant if you follow my lead. Apparently this would have probably been laughed out of court and common sense prevailed. The overall happenings are still very clouded, with rumours of a Russian Mafia being involved etc. Twas big headlines back then.


Yeah he got her in the closet. He denied the child being his for a while and in the end he had a DNA test and it proved that it was his little'un.

He now has to pay alot of maintenance and his wife wasn't best pleased. The thing now is, that the Kid looks exactly like Boris so he would of got caught out anyway.

They don't call him "Boom Boom" for nothing!!!



You guys might find this interesting, but during my trip to Eastern Europe last summer I read about accounts warning Westerners to be careful in bars in Budapest whereby beautiful women who speak English chat up Americans late night at bars. Then, when the bar closes the guy is hit with a pretty big tab of around $1000 US. Upon protesting some Eastern European mafia guys appear to "persuade" you otherwise.

This was mentioned in quite a few travel guides I read.

Crazy stuff happens and although I am skeptical I wouldn't be shocked if there were some sort of Russian mob thing going on.