Bedene hitting camera person. No DQ


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They need to set the example. Djokovic needed a humble pie. Lot of players do the same and people watching home will follow suit.

Tennis is one of those sports where people go nuts with equipment and risk hurting people around, this needs to change even if only by a little.


Hall of Fame
Are you sure it was a ricochet? I may have to watch the replay. A ricochet you can’t control. You can control how you hit a ball
Was a ricochet shot off the side of the frame.

Could have been DF but Novak's hit was more egregious.


All true
It’s not in the throat though, hit one in the throat could kill the person
calm down. This is like Fonzi jumping the shark in a leather jacket.... it is obvious that there was no anger or disregard and it did’t ‘kill‘ anyone, now did it? Player routinely slice Balls back to the kids after a long serve, for example- no one DQ’ed for that. We’re all happy that there was no real damage done to the linesman, but life is a dangerous sport. Even more so when you stand 21’ from the baseline with those ‘intentionally Wild’ 135mph serves.