Before you were a fan of one of "the Big 3," what one player were you a big fan of?


Pat Rafter! Man I loved watching him. The summer after my second ever season of High School tennis was when he lost to Goran in the Wimbledon Final. I liked him before that but he became my fav. after. Also loved Agassi, knew his name before watching or playing so I always gravitated toward him.
Borg, then Lendl, then Agassi, then at some point it became more about the tennis. Of those three Lendl would be my fave.

*Technically, I shouldn't have answered this because I've never been "a fan of one of the Big 3". Roger was ok for a while, but I've been sick of the lot of them for more than a decade.


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Oh yeah I was a huge Edberg fan too. Miss that kick S@V and beautiful bh. Fh was pretty horrific though.


Tim henman was me and my dads favourite but then I watched the Sampras henman Wimbledon semis in 98 and 99 and I started to idolise Pete. Then after Pete it was Federer and now it’s Thiem
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