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Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and i need some help on the racquets.
My daughter is 13, tall and relatively skinny!!! and has begun tennis lessons. It's been 2 months now and she seems to enjoy it. Her godmother gave her an old HEAD mg2 racquet and after an hour of practicing she felt pain on her wrist. She tried her trainers racquets: HEAD SPEED LITE, EXTREME, INSTINCT 360 LITE(older model)and felt very comfortable with the latest.
I'm considering buying the Instinct 360+ LITE or the Wilson Clash 100L which after searching around seems to be very arm friendly. The thing is i don't have access to the wilson racquet so that she could try it out and i want the best she can get since apart from the wrist pain she has scoliosis issues and this worries me even more.
I think your have a good choice in the Instinct 360 Lite. I personally like the Gravity Lite a little better as it is standard length, but either one should fit the bill. The Wilson is probably nice too, but more expensive, and I'm not sold that it would be better than the other 2.


What string was in these rackets? Old polyester can be a problem for many arms and it's best to stick with synthetic gut or multifilament while they are learning.

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I would recommend that you try out Tennis Warehouse's demo program so that your daughter gets to try out different rackets and give an honest opinion on what she likes best. That being said, maybe tinker with some strings (especially if she is a beginner) so that she doesn't feel as much pain on her wrist. As said above, synthetic guts or any general multifilament would be best for both power and comfort.
My very skinny 14 yo daughter loves her Gravity S. We demoed the Instinct Lite or S, I don’t remember which, and it was a fine racquet. The Instinct is a great budget option at the current price point! Also on sale when you can find it, the Speed MP Lite (not regular Lite) would also have a lower flex rating like the Instinct, though neither is as low as the Clash. Plenty of kiddos get on without a Clash. String whatever you get with a fullbed of NXT, you’ll be fine.

Edit in the context of the post that follows mine: My daughter played for a few years on a Pure Drive Lite first.
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My daughter is 13, and has been playing tennis since age 8. She started with the Babolat Pure Drive Lite. Each year I added some weight to the handle using BluTac until it was the same weight as a regular Pure Drive, then I bought her a Pure Drive 2021. She complained that it felt too light (it was slightly under spec) so I added another 2g to the handle.

In my opinion, teenage girls especially can benefit from powerful racquets like Babolat Pure Drive / Pure Aero / Pure Strike 100 so they can focus on top spin generation using modern strokes.

So I would recommend demoing a Pure Drive regular and Pure Drive Lite to see which is more comfortable.