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    I string my racquet a TT Scream using Prince Poly both mains and longs. Is this advisable? I have been on this board for a few years and never been particular on strings, just was using Prince synthetic strings before on both mains and longs. What do you look for in stringing the mains and stringing the longs? What type of strings? I notice a lot of people like to use different strings for the main and a different type of string on the longs. How do you go about choosing and what criteria do you use to pick strings?
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    You change strings only because you think changing them will improve your game, etc. It is a Rabbit Hole. You need to know what you want in the new string setup otw it will take forever to settle on new strings. Hybrids and different tensions are a personal choice. You do it because...

    Questions you need to ask yourself:
    [1] Do the strings last long enough?
    [2] Do they maintain tension?
    [3] Do the strings hurt your arm or shoulder?
    There will be considerable overlap in terms of which strings can be used. Tensions will also vary all over. But you need to know where you want to go before embarking on testing strings out.
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    This post should be a sticky.

    Truer words were never.... And yes it is a Rabbit Hole, take it from me! I've learned a ton about strings, but I think in the long run I've set my game back by chasing string too.
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