Being a tennis fan - while quitting cable


Has anyone found a decent strategy to maintain access to tournament coverage without cable? It appears the tennis channel now has the option of online streams of the grand slams, but what about the other tournaments?

I'm not especially interested in bootleg streams. The goal here isn't theft.

Yes, I'm aware that at some point in the future, everything will be ala carte and I'll just need a single subscription to view all the tennis I want on any device I own, live or historical coverage, on demand - but what are people doing to get their fix today?


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Honestly man...

Quitting cable = Quitting tennis if you're not interested in style streaming.

If anything, being a tennis fan these days means expanding your current cable package just so you can watch what should be mainstream events.



Its legit, official, and gives you a way to watch tennis without cable/satellite.

Of course you have to cough up some $$$

Max G.

Various online streams.,,, aggregate streams from various places.,, availability depends on what country you're in. has very good quality streams sporadically. and are subscription-based services.

Some are probably legit, some probably aren't, go ahead and figure out which is which if you want.
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pound cat

G.O.A.T. has paid advertising from a British betting site. There is nothing bootleg about's a business and shows streams from Bet 365 as well as all other sports.

Or spend 129.00 USD and subscribe to if you're American and watch tennis tournaments until you are sick of watching tennis. ( does not show some of it's tournaments to non-Americans)