Berdych back to Dunlop!


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what happen with dunlop verdasco is using a incomplete pj, and obviously hes usin a tecnifiber and berdych using a head with bag dunlop and dsvydenky still hit whit his prince?


Just to shed some light on the issue of Berdych playing with an unstencilled Head but still carrying a Dunlop bag:

In a recent interview with a Czech newspaper Berdych said he couldn't stencil his new racquet because he was still under a contract with Dunlop and that formal issues were being resolved.

As for the reason for the change, he said: "The new racquet is better than the previous one in a number of things. The reason for the change was a problem in the design and manufacturing of the previous racquet. It was no longer the same."

This reminds me of what Blake complained about - Dunlop not being able to supply him with racquets of the desired specifications any more.


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These frames are all paint jobs anyway, I think most of these sticks are some derivation of the Head Prestige mould