Bernard "Bernie" Tomic -rises from the ashes towards top-10 (?)

Tomic top-10 in near future?

  • Yeah sure, today he played like the peak-Bernie and could win multiple GS-titles in future..

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  • Hahahaha, wtf man are you kidding me.. this guy is max. Challenger-level.

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Bernard needs to find inner peace in order to unlock his potential and eventually reach top 10. Given his personality and lack of character that would be a hell of a task. But a good start would be to cut his father from the inner circle, that kind of a man can bring only negativity.


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Seriously, its nearly 2019 and we still talk about Tomic??! Lol even Dimitrov have more potential (and it ain't saying much at all!), so snap out of it...if anyone seriously (no sarcasm or joke) still expect him to breakthrough, i recommend to that person to double check his/her common sense!


I can't believe we are even talking about him winning a slam. The issue with him is not talent, it's conviction. There are times he just doesn't give a ****, there are times he can't concentrate. Because of this he is so inconsistent and not driven. How in the world does someone like this win a slam, let alone multiple ones or enter the top 10?


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Exactly as Jukka says above, the guy is a d!ck but is happy with making the money he is, and to be fair to him, good work


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So do you think this guy can become top-10 in next few years.. For me his game looked today that he could have beaten someone from the BIG4. ULTIMATE TALENT!!!
We're not talking lifeboats on the Titanic here. His earned his position and other players are lucky, if anything, that he doesn't try harder.


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Obviously the truth lies somewhere in between the two poll options. He'll be back in the top 100 again soon which is good for him. Maybe he'll hang in there for a while yet.


At the end of that match versus Felix, Bernard made the sign of the cross. This is a significant gesture. This could mean his mind is on the right path. I believe he is a reformed man. Finally we can call him St. Bernard.
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Margaret Court arena to be renamed to Bernard Tomic
lol I think he's too humble for that. In Australian Open once the fans sang a song which says something like "Tomic Our Australian Number One". Tomic quickly corrected them and tell them to change the lyric, "Australian Number Two" :D. That was a few years back.
Im sure after the REAL BIG4 is gone and dusted, Tomic will become one of the NEW BIG4 with Sascha Zverev (aka GOAT), FAA and K1ngKyrgios :D :D And these guys will be loooveed by the tennis fans!