Berrettini's not ready for the fame just yet


Berretini too?? how many tennis players are there?
More than usual because of timing with USO. The Met Gala is usually the first week in May but it was moved to September and scaled down due to Rona.

“It is, however, a downscaled event — the guest list is about one-third smaller than usual — and it is very youth-focused. Not just because of the co-hosts, but because the exhibition it celebrates is 70 percent young designers, most of whom have never gotten to go to the gala or imagined their clothes might end up in the museum”

“In 2019, the ball raised $15 million….Tickets are $35,000 apiece, and tables range from $200,000 to $300,000. This year, word spread that certain brands were being asked to “sponsor” young designers — you know, the doing-it-on-their-own ones who are featured in the show and who were particularly hard hit when COVID-19 closed department stores, causing retailers to cancel orders — not just as guests but to be fairy godparents.”
So relieved someone else said it. The rest of them look like Halloween gone terribly wrong or something.
I don't why my reddit and Twitter feed is just filled with met gala pics but till now I have only found, Venus, FAA and his girl, Leylah, Matteo and his GF, someone named Brooklyn Beckham as looking like normal people.

I understand you have to look quirky for this Gala, but I don't think anywhere in the rules it's written that you need to look stupid.
Lol I am now looking up more people Who attended this Gala.

Looking quirky might be a thing at thig gala but looks like looking stupid is as well.

Good on AOC giving a decent message in a decent dress(don't know the politics of it) everyone else just no.


FAA really looked like a waiter. White jacket and black pants will never not look like a waiter. Fit was good, he looked well-put together, and looked fine overall - but still like a waiter. I give the athletes huge passes. Plus, it's all just in good fun for them.