Berrettini's not ready for the fame just yet


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Ok I'm sorry but I've looked at some photos and tbh it's super cringy to me. Everything comes off as BS and fake, like people are shielding their (quite possibly non-existent) personalities with strange clothing options. Berrettini is one of the only normal looking guys there and I applaud him for that
Who's looking after Olympia? :oops:
The Asian line lady and the chair ump she berated at the USO, allegedly threatening to kill with a tennis ball and allegedly threatening that he would NEVER work again--she relented and hired them as nannies since automation has put them out of their jobs. Her hubs is working on an automated nanny device, a la the Roomba vacuum, that can keep kids corralled while parents play--the Roomba Romper Room Kiddie Sweeper Upper.
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Berrettini and F.A.A. are likely wearing waiter's suits borrowed from the caterers. Restaurants that require jackets and ties keep ill-fitting spares in the cloak room for such fashion emergencies. Tennis players don't normally travel with tuxes in their kits--maybe NIke should think about adding a formal wear lineup--NTRP League Teams could pack them when they party at Nationals--a new revenue stream for Nike.
who is that on the (our) right? :unsure:

Asking for scientific purposes :rolleyes:
I thought the black woman on the right was Serena, butt maybe it's not--butt, their sure is a lot of junk and that trunk! They used to krazy-glue their frocks to their nipples, so as not to expose them--butt maybe fashion has evolved beyond such hardware trickery--I'm all for the au naturelle nipple look!--let them ALL hang-out--tennis needs to get with the times, it's much too sexually repressed--probably because the 3.0/60+ grand dames dictate club kulture--the new gov mandates for shared locker rooms should speed kultural progression along--I think I'll identify as a lady today--never seen their locker room before--oh no!--BJK is going in--never mind--and Elton is behind her.