Best 1st machine combo (in Europe), with Wise 2086?


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Looking to buy first machine.
Pros pro machines seem best value and thinkng about Comet or Pioneer, either cracnk or electronic version.
However, most people suggest the combination with Wise 2086 if directly electronic machine.
Found out the Penta 3600 combo with Wise 2086, on UK shop, as the best price so far (800-900 euro), for European delivery.
Reading about that, there are many comments that soon one needs extra purchases for better clamps, tools, etc.

Is there a better machine combo package with Wise 2086, without the need of (most) of these extras?
Maybe a little higher initial total cost this way, is better in the start than higher total cost a bit later.


Since I own the Comet, my next upgrade is to add a Wise. After that I am probably going to save up and move the Wise to a Stringmaster Deluxe. That machine looks like it would be good enough to last me many years.

This is of course not the most efficient way to get it, but it means I can do incremental upgrades without investing a big chunk of money in one go