Best all around, non textured co-poly?

Gotcha. I usually string my racquets as a hybrid: Hyper-G 17 mains and Prince Tour XC (yellow) 16L crosses. The square shape of the Hyper-G seems to work great with the slick round Prince Tour XC. I’m sure there are better options, as there always are, but this setup works great for me. I’m a 4.0, baseliner, with heavy topspin on both wings.

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Look up the Mikeler thread on polys. After you personally trial the strings, you can make up your own mind. Any recommendation will be dependent of the player type making the recommendation. That makes most recommendations VERY SUSPECT unless you play the same. Also very frame dependent. :rolleyes:
Kirschbaum Max Power 1.25, great control, spin, feel, and tension maintenance. If you are looking for a soft poly that have high power, maybe you would look elsewhere, but this string is the best overall i have ever played, and also the reel have a good price.
Tecnifibre Pro Red Code is still a great poly. And the price has come down a little. It's on the stiff side and round. I liked it for a full setup in my LM Radical OS and for mains in a hybrid in my Aerogel 200. It lasts a pretty long time for an older poly.
I don't hear people talk about it much, or at all really because I don't think I've seen it on TW before, but Dunlop NT Max Plus played great for me all around. Definitely has some sort of extra-slick coating on it because I could feel it as I was stringing and felt like I needed to wash my hands after, but whatever it has, it works! Anybody else get the chance to try it out?