Best and Worst Big 4 Match-ups?

Best top 4 Match-up?

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Based on my incredibly subjective opinions on tennis, here are my takes on the Big-four match-ups.

Best Match-ups

Federer - Djokovic

As a whole, I think Fed-Djok is the most intriguing rivalrly simply because of how closely they match up. This means overall a fairly high level of play (albeit somewhat less so recently), great back and forth style of tennis that runs the gamit from defense to offense, and some great drama during matches. Not to mention the brief period of off-court drama makes the match-up have more of a "grudge-match" feel than the others. These traits make the Fed-Djok rivalry easily the most interesting of them all.

Nadal - Djokovic

Some may find the back-and-forth rallies to be monotonous after a while, but there's no denying how much of a battle every single one of these matches feel like. The insanely long rallies that often end with crazy defense from both guys makes these matches fairly entertaining. They're exhausting to watch, but the drama from the context of their big matches make this match-up a fairly compelling one.

Federer - Nadal
I know I'll get flak for this, but there's no denying that Fedal matches have produced some of the highest quality matches and rallies because of how different their styles are. The occassions of their match-ups again highlight the quality of the match-up and the drama involved. The big caveats of this rivalry is how predictable the result usually is (with the exception of a few matches), how overblown it is by the media, and at least historically how meh the level of play often is, especially from Fed.

Worst Match-ups: Pretty much anything with Murray (my apologies Murray fans).

Murray - Djokovic
The match-up has recently gotten a bit more interesting since Murray has upped his game, but as a whole their matches are incredibly boring to follow. The constant back and forth, defensive play makes for unexciting tennis, but great for insomnia.

Murray - Nadal
Murray has done a relatively good job for keeping up with Rafa off grand slams, but ever since US Open 2008 during grand slams, Murray just utterly capitulates to Nadal. For whatever reason, Murray somehow finds a way to make Rafa look AGGRESIVE whenever they match-up. It's doesn't make for exciting matches, and it certainly doesn't hold up to the other match-ups

Murray - Federer

This is probably the most interesting match-up of Murray's, but his performance at these matches have often been spotty, especially in the last while with Fed dominating their H2H. There has been some interesting matches here and there (AO 2013, Olympics 2012, Wimby 2012), but as a whole the match-up has been pretty meh and drama free.

So these are my utterly subjective opinions on these match-ups. Thoughts?
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