Best atmosphere ever


Was lucky enough to be at the match last night. Home well after 1am, falling asleep by around 3am, up at 6.30am for work so this is the first opportunity I have had to comment (nearly 9am Melbourne time).

At times it was like the deciding rubber in the DC final where both sets of fans were present in a neutral venue. Fed had slightly more support but not by much. Margaret Court Arena was opened up and outside you could not move.

I have not been to other tennis events around the world but I'd imagine last night could/would not be topped. I heard tourists saying it was the best atmosphere they have ever experienced. I was not at the Djokovic Nadal final a few years ago but I could not imagine that was any better than last night. I go to a lot of local football (soccer) games at the stadium across the road from RLA and last night topped that.

My 2 cents on the match. Fed's backhand has improved and if anything, his forehand looked the more vulnerable shot. Nadal was his usual self, fighting every ball but Federer just looked the stronger of the two on the night. Only a couple of times was he overpowered in a rally. Not once did Fed hang his head as I've seen him do so often on tv against Nadal. At all times he just looked very composed and assured of himself, to the point where he was almost strutting during changeovers. The match had more twists and turns than a packet of twisties which made it impossible to read. At 3-1 down in the 5th I thought here we go again, Federer is gone. Behind me a couple of Spanish dudes were doing some ole thing when Nadal broke. But that break back game by Federer, you just had to be in the stadium to experience it because nothing I say here will do it justice. The rest is now a bit of a blur. Looking forward to seeing the highlights to see how it came across on tv.

Congrats to Federer on the win, well done to Nadal too, it takes two to make a tango like that. Was just insane.

Only thing, they either need to play the men's final Saturday night or move it forward an hour. Bit ridiculous getting home after 1am when you have work the next day. But last night, at least, was worth the sleep deprivation I'm feeling now.