Best cars in world ???

Why is it uglier then any of these?

All from a similar era, with similar design features...

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Those are super pretty and even elegant. All of them. Trabant is cute to me personally but not all have eyes to see it, especially younger people.


How was the cost of parts of Saab and were/are they reliable. My mechanic always thought they were shockers but I have a lady friend who has a 9000cd and she likes it, it's done over 260 000 kms. Lots of woman like Saabs, might be the safety and practicality factor. I don't mind the look at the 9000 griffin and the Volvo 850r.
In my experience they were very reliable (I drove about 450.000 km with 3 different 9-5's), the cost of parts were average. I also noticed that lots of woman like Saabs, don't know why. For me the attention to ergonomic details like the dashboard/cockpit layout, night panel function, and keys in the middle are stand out features. I am a 201 cm tall guy and appreciated the comfortable ride it provided very much. The turbo engine was running very smooth and powerful, I loved driving with it late night, cruising on the highway to far destinations.