Best club/coach in Valencia ?


Backed up message: From the thread "Why was Medvedev a weak opponent for Novak in Australia, but Roddick a strong one for Fed?", which was deleted. The backed up message contains three of my posts, two by @mike danny and one by @PETEhammer. The second post till last post is a response to a previous post, the first post is a response to a post from @Sunny014, which I didn't manage to save.

In other words, Djoker again loses in hypothetical matches. The bad luck for many is that Djoker's success rate in real matches is many times greater.:whistle:8-B:cool:
What do you think about Medvedev as a Nole rival in Slems compared to Roddick with Fed?
At the moment, Roddick is a bigger rival for Fed than Medvedev for Nole, but that may change in the future. Roddick has a Grand Slam triumph, more titles and more matches against Fed than Mad Lad against Nole. But when it comes to match up, I think Mad Lad is a tougher opponent for Nole than A-Rod for Fed, he just didn't have many opportunities to show it in grandslams. Both mutual grandslam matches between Nole and Mad Lad took place at the AO, where Nole is the strongest of all the grandslams. We will see what the future brings.
I don't see how that is an excuse considering Federer's toughest matches with Roddick came at Wimb, where Federer himself is the strongest there.
Please answer a simple question - who is a tougher opponent in terms of match up, A-Rod for Fed or Mad Lad for Nole?
As of now Mad Lad, but he is dealing with older Nole, while Roddick dealt with the best Fed his entire career more or less.