Best 'feel' racquets?


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The IG Prestige is? I know the Tour 600 has great feel but the IG Prestige felt kinda hollow and brassy to me.
I agree. The IG Prestige MP only feels nice when it’s used with a dampener. Even with that, the feel isn’t as good as the Prestige Pro/600/Classic.


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****ing amazing racquet and puts Craphene to shame!
It really is so good. It plays amazingly well with a thin poly at low tensions
I agree. The IG Prestige MP only feels nice when it’s used with a dampener. Even with that, the feel isn’t as good as the Prestige Pro/600/Classic.
I like the IG Prestige MP’s feel myself. But the Tour 600 really is in a class of its own
I have played with the most of those sticks where are mentioned above but the really best are the Fishers Pro No1 from 2008 and back including the previous versions VT 98 Pro since 1992. Nothing compare with the feel of those!!! Also they are absolute vibration free rackets even when you hit with the frame...
Best modern racquet: K90.

Recent production: DR98, POG 100, IG Prestige Mid.

These are also close: Phantom 93P 18/20, PB10 mid, Organix V1Pro.
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I have two Head IG Speed MP’s 18x20 and Head IG Prestige Pros. Used to have IG Prestige MP. These are all great frames that feel rock solid on contact (not hollow) and you get out of them what you put in. They don’t feel cheap like many modern frames do.


Not in any specific order; following are the best of the best in FEEL:
- Pacific XForce Pro No 1
- Head IG Prestige Mid/MP
- Tecnifibre TFight 315 LTD
- Wilson ProStaff 95
- Prokennex Redondo
- Babolat Pure Control 95
i played with head ig prestige MP and S for 3 years, last month, i tryed donnay pro one 97 penta...
i sold all my prestige IG last week..

for me, donnay pro one 97 (RA57) is better than IG, and not very not far from prestige classic 660, lighter, more maneuverable, and more enjoyable.
Coupled with a "best feel" racquet, is there a "best feel" string type? i.e. does natural gut give the best feel vs other types of strings?


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tested dozen of racquets and none got this buttery feel of the Microgel OS. everybody focus on the 100 inchers - quite bad.

im also surprised with prince red o3 - considering its low weight.

and wilson 95s
I use to think it wasn't so but I stuffed the handle of my rzr bubba with packing foam (very light stuff) and that really got rid of hollow felling and didn't add weight. It also didn't stiffen up frame. I could see this helping feel on most frames

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I tried the Ultra Tour and it was cool, but I didn’t get enough time with it to be blown away. I think your list is very strong though. Tough to go wrong with any of those frames
The feel I've enjoyed recently: Head Prestige Tour 600 (also IG Prestige Mid), PT57A (Head Pro Tour 630), Head Radical MP (Liquidmetal, Microgel, YouTek, YouTek IG), Head Graphene Prestige S (almost as much as TGT291.2). I like the feel of Ultra Tour, however I play much better with Pro Staff 97 or Tecnifibre 315 Ltd. P93 feels very good as well.
Playing with fresh multi filament always seems to give me good feel no matter what racket i use. For finesse shots I tend to like stiffer rackets with dense string patterns. For ground strokes I tend to like softer rackets with dense string patterns. For serves I tend to like stiff rackets with open string patterns.

So what I'm really saying is that I hate tennis because it gave me GAS.
Not really and easy question to answer since it's all subjective.. but for me it's the OG Prestige Pro and all of its variants of PJs. You can add the Max 200g if you want since that was a scalpel for touch shots.. not so much for ripping a swing.
although it had a lighter than I'd prefer swingweight, the gamma g325 was amazing with touch shouts. 95 head. about 12 ounces strung. 60 flex thin 19mm beam. very nice stick
Have you played other Angell rackets as well? I played only two hours with Custom 97 (18x20, 310g, 310mm, RA67). Are K7 or Custom 95 rackets with RA63 (unstrung) stiffness similar to Custom 97?
I was disappointed with this Angell.
I've played lots with Angell racquets, I really like the TC97 and right now it's down to a TC97 27.5 that I have or back to my Ezone 98+. Haven't tried the K7 Lime but the K7 Red was by far the most comfortable racquet I'd used since I came back to tennis 6 years ago. I ended up selling mine due to slight control issues. I had a leather grip and prob 6 grams of lead at 9 and 3. Hit a big ball but a tad unstable, I kinda regret selling the K7 Red tho. Red had a big sweetspot compared to the TC97's I've used. I'm curious how I'd like the Lime as I've read it's more stable.