Best Female Commentator?


  • Lindsay Davenport

  • Martina Navratilova

  • Chanda Rubin

  • Pam Shriver

  • Chris Evert

  • Rennae Stubbs

  • Mary Carillo

  • Corina Morariu

  • Sophie Amiach

  • Tracy Austin

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Andrea Murrica

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neither the nagging mary carillo nor the irritating navratilova......that much for sure, don't quite remember the voices of others mentioned in the poll......mary joe fernandez is quite pleasant to hear......
Definitely the WOZ
She's pretty good and voice is soothing. She throws in wayyyyyy and I mean wayyyyy too many "as well"'s...It's obviously a filler phrase for her or an indirect translation from Danish the way in which she adds it a ton. You won't be able to unhear it once you start hearing it. It's nonsensical in English where she does add it. I still like her though. I hope she comes back to commenting soon.

I like everyone on the list except for one, each for their own reasons and hard to pick who I like best because they each have their pros and cons. I don't know Corina and Sophie unless they are on the world wide feed and even then I don't know which is which. The only one I dislike (quite a bit as a commentator) is Chris Evert..She should stick to playing tennis which she was good at and commenting which is not, is not her thing. I feel bad about her cancer diagnosis and sympathetic for her recovery but still her commentating is terrible. Very biased, annoying AF, self-centered, ugh. It's torture to listen to. She usually picks her favorite for the match and then tells the whole match as if she is playing it in the mind of that player. If the other player is doing well, she won't acknowledge it at all. To watch her commentate on Serena was legit UNBEARABLE.


I mean, I think on that list I'd go with Nav.

But really I think Domi Cibulkova or Lauren Davis when I think of a player just giving everything they got in matches. Like the Ferrer's of the WTA,


So many poor cringy commentators on that list.
I have Navratilova as #1. Davenport as #2. The rest are o.k to horrible.


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Most of the women mentioned are pretty good, actually. I think it's between Davenport and Navratilova. I voted Davenport because I think she strikes the ideal balance between being complimentary and critical, and I also just think she's an excellent speaker.

Andrea Petkovic is also rising up my rankings rather quickly. She's fantastic.

Robert F

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Based on list I put Rubin.

But, I really like Petkovic. One of the few pros that comes off humble (Courier/Evert/Nav--always have to bring themselves into it eventually). Good analysis and seems to know her boundaries.
Lindsay is #1 for me on that list. Mary Joe Fernandez has been one of the very best for YEARS now IMO

Wozniacki talks entirely too much--overanalyzing every point of every game, talking as if each point won/lost is the defining point of the match for a player, etc

Pam Shriver used to be one of my favorites in the late 90s and early early 2000s on ESPN...but now she's awful. Overanalyzing everything, constantly talking about "majors", doesn't shut up between points, etc


I liked Cici Bellis when she was on.

Didn’t mind Caroline.

Lindsay or Corina would prob be my pick on this list.


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Petko is giving us insight that I haven't heard before. She seems willing to criticize the players a bit more than I'm used to hearing. One of my fav quotes was "tennis seems glamorous but for the lower ranked players it is living check to check, eating crappy food, and living out of sh**ty hotels. Oops, can I say that? "
Idk all I know is Mary Carillo is the absolute worst.
Yeah I don't have the hate for her that some on TTW do but d*mn she can be hard to listen to. Once in a while she will make a funny joke but i don't enjoy her commentary on tennis enough to make it worth it. I'd rank Evert the worst and Carillo second worst from that list.

yeah I also like Mary Jo Fernandez but she has backslid a little bit.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST that I've written to ESPN about is Alexandra Stevenson. She literally has no business being on air. I mean I know she is a nepo baby (and was some lame pro player at one point) but come on!! She has that thing where she is trying to elevate her speech so she HISSES the S's!!!! And she says derogatory comments about some players, is combative with other commentators. I'm pretty sure I'm catching the vibe that no one will work with her except Shriver and even then I caught a little on air tussle between them that was just negative and unprofessional (started by Alexandra and Pam just did what she could to deal with it)...I also found that tussle funny because I'd guess that Shriver HELPED Alexandra get that job!!! Since they seem to have prior history and maybe a friendship from before. Wimbledon was more bearable now that they have sort of banished her a bit to barely doing any matches but she seriously doesn't deserve to be on air. Evert is pretty bad too but at least isn't disparaging or overly combative and has a pedigree that is phenomenal.


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Mary Carillo was actually good in the 1980s but she jumped the shark as a commentator around 25 years ago. I'm not convinced on Petkovic yet. Like Wozniacki, she talks too much, often about superfluous things. Shriver and Evert are the worst on the list. It's ironic that Evert is getting criticized for her Serena letter here. In the 2010s, Evert would kiss Serena's *** every chance she got as a commentator. Navratilova is easily the best. Like Courier, her analysis is insightful and goes deep into technique as is her talk about how players can improve. She relates entertaining stories from the 1970s and 80s. Martina leads the poll by a huge margin with 52% of the votes at the moment and TTW is correct here.