best folding table for table top stringer?

hi, i have limited space at my home and i think the best solution is a folding table. i have a gamma progression 602 table top drop weight stringer... i was looking to see if anyone uses a personal folding table or if any suggestions about which ones could be good for it? thanks


Some people also use tool carts. You can get them as Lowe's, Homes Depot, etc. Can store your string and tools in them and maybe even store the machine itself in the bottom when not in use. About $60 +.......

Doesn't Gamma have a stand that will fit the 602?.......


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Limited room and you want to buy a table? Use one that you have, something high and adjustable to get it at the right height if needed like an ironing table.


I use my wooden barstool, it's at the perfect height. Sometimes I use my keyboard stand it's rated for 120lbs, they're pretty affordable


yea, tool cart with wheels is what I have. some use sturdy microwave stand with wheels too. You can roll it off into a closet if the closet is big enuff or at least roll it over to the side of a room. I paid $50 for the tool stand and added wheels for another few $ and I've been using it for 12 years.