Just a match you remember when they were on fire, even if their opponent was not. Please only give the best one you remember from each player. It doesn't matter when it was or who it was against, they just need to be on their game that day.

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mike danny

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I'll just name one for each:

Sampras 1999 Wimb against Agassi

Lendl against Mac 1985 USO

Djokovic 2011 wimb against Nadal

Federer 2011 RG SF against Djokovic

Edberg: 1992 USO final against Sampras.

Agassi 1995 AO final against Sampras.

Mac: Wimb 1984 final against Connors

Connors: 1976 USO final against Borg

Nadal: 2009 AO final against Federer


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Federer: RG Semi 2011
Nadal: Don't want to mention it.
Djokovic: Some of the matches in Rome 2011 comes to mind as well as Ferrer in AO 2013.