Best Next Gens


Hall of Fame
Medvedev and Sinner are my picks for future GS winners.

Medvedev's game is just really consistent. He has really slingy strokes, his forehand literally wraps around his neck. And he can stay in long rallies without giving into pressure. His strokes tend to carve wide on both wings and he's not afraid of getting pulled out of position. He tends to play percentage tennis and will tend to hit cross court than to go down the line or inside out than most other players. He feels that his cross court shots will out last yours. He's got great movement and doesn't play like most typical russians; Safin, youzhny, Rublev, Khachanov - who try to overwhelm their opponents with power. I love his patience and how he whips through the ball with those elastic strokes of his. Really fun to watch.

Sinner is going to be really good. He's like a modified djokovic. He has good length on both sides, gets to the ball well and his backhand is very solid. He's not as solid as djokovic, and he still needs to develop more tennis IQ, but I love how his length allows his to stay balanced in many rallies that would breakdown other players. I think he needs to improve his serve and not become so predictable on his serves and rallies, he gets lulled into the same type of rallies often. The difference between him and djokovic is that djokovic does not let you rally on your terms. He will break it and give you different directions or move you in a way to get you off rhythm, meanwhile he will continue his rhythm. It is hard to explain how he can create this chaos on the court but he makes top players make very silly mistakes because he knows how to play against a player's comforts even if the player is playing on a good day. I would love to see Sinner play a bit more aware and less rally back and forth until the other guy misses. Often times with sinner it seems like a waiting game until his opponent misses. I just don't see Djokovic having this mentality.

Wild card goes to JJ Wolf. I would love to see this guy grow. But I think he will be capped like Ryan Harrison (but will do better). He has great strokes and a fun game to watch, but I don't see this guy elevating his game to become an elite player and make up the ground to compete against the top players. I thought the Medvedev match would be much closer at USO 2020, but Medvedev beat him pretty handedly.

The Women's side

Jennifer Brady
She has such a big and heavy forehand. It's really unlike WTA style which tends to be more dominant of flat strokes. Often times though her weakness though is when you pull her out of position on her backhand or forehand side she will play a slice or squash shot. She's not good at either strokes and they tend to sit up more than stay low and flat. If you can get the ball 2 steps away from her, you have a good chance of changing the direction of the point in your favor. Not to say to yo-yo her but if you can open up one side but hitting to one end and hitting to the other she will be more prone to being exposed. If I were her coach, I would definitely work on her defensive wide gets, especially on that backhand and maybe help her incorporate something on her forehand side like some buggeywhips or wide forehand shots to get her more comfortable to hitting these.

Danielle Collins
She is a total brat. She fist pumps everything, she screams encouragement and yells during the match like a lot of collegiant US players who are used to the University team environment, but it just looks out of place on the international scene. And I can tell there's not too many players who are fond of this. But take that aside and she is feisty. She has improved so much and keep improving. She's almost like an aggressive Wozniacki. She hits with really good direction and she's just determined and willed to win. Love or hate her, she does not give a sh*t. And there's only one thing on her mind and that's to grab a slam.