Best outfit worn by a Pro?

AJD Tennis

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Nadal 09 aussie open outfit my favourite:)

3 Babolat Drive Z tour, Babolat team line 12 racket thermo, Wilson NXT, Nike air max court ballistec 1.3 white.


This is a great photo, clearly this ball boy is very professional in his visual tracing of round objects.

I wonder why some women think they have to mix sex appeal with the sport... this outfit would be great anywhere but a tennis match.

I once had a chess player tell me to wear low cut stuff, perfume, etc., anything to distract during a chess match. Just could never bring myself to do that.

And some women wonder why some men don't think women should get paid the same as men ... it is no wonder when women do not come to the court as it if was purely athletic endeavor .... If a man went with his peaches hang'n' out of his pants there would be an uproar.

Lee James

I really liked Nadal's look at the french open, especially the black cages painted to look like ballistecs. I wish nike would release the cages in that colorway.


So far my favourite is the Safin one of page 8. This may be because it's one of the coolest tennis photos ever though :) damn he used to be an ideal tennis shape, he's bulkier now.


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I liked the neon colored shirt Rafa wore at the 2009 AO too. I know some of you will disagree but I'm glad he's wearing the sleeves-makes him look more mature.


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I really don't see what's so great about a lot of the stuff Fed wears. I mean, a lot of them are just like plain shirts and tees with a swoosh on them.

I prefer the stuff that the guys sponsered by Adidas wears, like Safin.