Best PC FPS of Modern Time? And A General Discussion Of FPS' To Come...

Best Modern FPS Shooter?

  • Half Life 2 (Includes CounterStrike: Source)

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  • BattleField 2

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  • Far Cry

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  • Call Of Duty 2

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  • Unreal Tournament 2004

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  • F.E.A.R.

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  • Quake 4

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  • Doom 3

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Well, I'm just curious to see if there are any gamers in TW :).

So, what do you think is the best modern first person shooter?

Here's a little run-down:

Half Life 2: Simply genius, great story, lovely graphics and not to mention, the sequel to one of the greatest games ever created. Ravenholm has to be the level just to show it off, i mean, what's more fun than firing buzzsaws and explosive barrels at zombies using the gravity gun? Also it comes along with CounterStrike: Source... pure genius...

BattleField 2: Arguably the best team shooter, 64 Player maps, squads, flying planes, helicoptors, driving tanks... everything about it is good.

Far Cry: Lovely graphics, outdoor scenary is absolutely amazing, also the non-linearity of how you go about completing the tasks mkes it a great game to play... also on budget at £9.99 :D

[/u]Call Of Duty 2[/u]: World War II action, haven't played #2 but #1. was absolutely amazing, the atmosphere was unnerving with bombs dropping here and mortars over there.

Unreal Tournament 2004: Sheer fun, I loved the original UT and it's changed a bit.. it's more fast paced, more quake-like, I'm not too sure if i like it as much, however the vehicles make a good addition, especially with the Onslaught gamemode. You've just gotta love instagib... best gamemod ever.

F.E.A.R.: Scary, psychological, damn hard... looks absolutely wonderful, bullets, slow motion, scissor kicks... damn creepy as well with that little girl appearing everywhere :/ Also pretty tough imo, smart AI diving into cover and trying to flank you, probably i'd call the best AI.

Quake 4: I don't know, i seem to keep overlooking this game, i don't really feel like going out and buying it. Never really been a fan of Quake, more UT and well, my friends say it's great, but then he doesn't appreciate UT like i do :/

Doom 3: Same as above really, they're based on the same engine, so they look pretty much similar, only that you get mad rampant demon things here :/.... but i guess each to his own....

Others i didn't include and you can't vote for:

Halo: kk, so it's a console port, and a pretty good one at that, i can't wait for Halo 2 for the pc but too bad microsoft are gonna lock it for Vista..

Unreal 2: I played the demo of it and i was pretty impressed, lovely graphics and the weapons seemed pretty cool, just that it seems to have disapearred in all the shops for some reason :/

Deus Ex: Invisible War: Well, more roleplaying shooter here, what i didn't like was the fact they made it more linear, I absolutely love the first game, i'd play the liberty city mission 3-5 times just to see all the ways i could tackle it..

Up and coming FPS' that look prety good....

Prey: Now this looks like an interesting concept, i mean Deathmatch's where the enemy can attack you from 360°... pretty neat. Looks amazing too, if not a little dark..

Ghost Recon 3: Heh, already out for the 360, so it's another port, idea looks pretty good, don't know how the multiplayer will be though... if it even has one that is... i don't own a 360 so i have no idea about this game other than i like the look of it :)

Unreal Tournament 2007: Now this looks absolutely amazing, graphically, everything about it. The developers say they're adding in a new gametype along the lines of Conquest set over a big map in which you must complete objectives, which sounds great.

Half Life 2: Episode 1: Previously called Aftermath, it's an expansion pack.. .sort of, i've heard you won't even need the original HL2 to play it, so it's a standalone that adds to the storyline of HL2, i can't wait for this.. looks neat too, also it's supposed to focus on your relationship with Alyx and answer some questions such as who the Gman really is...

I can't wait ^_^


I love FPS. Its practically the only type of game I buy for the PC.

For me my fave on the list would have to be FarCry. I loved the beautiful surroundings and wide open environments. It was also really cool because you had to be very stealth and remain hidden in the bushes or risk drawing a swarm of enemies. And the assualt rifle was bad ass. That gun rocked.

Half Life 2: I hated the first one playing at my friends house and didnt plan on buying HL2 but got it for 20 just so I could play the GoldenEye Source mod (which rocks and will only get better). HL2 has good production quality and is very movie-esque but I found the gameplay really boring and tedious. A lot of driving and solving stupid "physics" problems. Maybe one day I'll go back to finish it. I dont like CS either. I really dont get the appeal of the HL and CS games. I know I'm in the minority but whatever.

UT2004: Excellent game all round, awesome multiplayer.

FEAR: Great visuals, awesome firefights but bland and repetitive environments and enemies. Short game but had some good scares.

Doom3: I really liked this one. Its a great run and gun shooter, not a whole lot of tactics involved but fun and lots of scares. Play in the dark with the sound up!

I have Q4 but I havent gotten into it yet. I think I'll enjoy it though. The others I dont plan on getting as I dont really like war games.


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Deus Ex (the original).
It's just amazing. So many ways to play it. You can go through the entire game not killing anybody or killing everybody. There are 3 different endings.


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I understand what you mean about Half Life 2 stoffer, it is kinda like a movie, but it just looks so realistic, the facial expressions and everything. And then there's just gravity gun pure pwnage :D like the last level is great with the gun and the orbs...

As for counter strike, i think it's to try and get away with the whole deathmatch fragging macho contest, i mean, it's fun once in a while, but then you always get those damn idiots who talk crap and try to show off their "big guns". Whereas in counterstrike, it's slower, more paced make every bullet count.


and nviati, yeah the amount of options in that game was amazing, and the way the game was built, i mean Lambert would have a go at you if you went into the girls toilets >.> (not that you'd actually go in there ::)). Just all the little things. I onced found a site that showed how you could complete the whole game with only having to kill one person. Or was it none? i can't remember, but there's only a few people that actually need to die in that game.