Best places to get demo rackets in London, online options welcome too

I need to test some rackets before I buy my next one. I would love to find a place where I can demo them. I know TW had some demo program but as far as I can see, that is over. Any recommendations?
Hi @Nabs,

Our demo program still exists! You can find all the info on the program and links to available rackets here:

Happy Hitting!

-TWE Staff
When I click on that link, I choose a manufacturer and it lists me all their demo rackets, but when I click on one, it just brings me back to the link you sent me. It's just a circle. Every demo racket just brings me back to the beginning, the link you sent me.

Would love to figure out what I am doing wrong.

TWE Staff

@Nabs- When you click on the racket it will take you to a page that has the Demo Program header, but if you scroll down, you will see where you can select the racket you want. In the event that the racquet is currently out, it will list a date it is expected back in stock. Which rackets were you looking at?


TWE Staff
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