best platform - yonex ezone dr 98 alpha or lite?

Yonex ezone dr 98 platform, alpha or lite (285g)?

Hi, I love my DR98 310 gr but since it´s a tad heavy regarding swingweight I´m looking for a platform racquet to customize .

As I see it there are two alternatives, the alpha (275 gr) and the lite (285 gr).
After customization, the lite feels similar to the 310 gr but not as plush and a bit stiff in the hoop.
So I´m thinking about getting an alpha and give it a try. However, the only specs I can find for the alpha is weight, balance and RA? Does anyone know swingweight, twistweight or have any experience of the racquet? Is the alpha a "real" DR98 or just a cheaper racquet with a paintjob?
(i have tried to contact Yonex, but so far no reply)