best platform - yonex ezone dr 98 alpha or lite?

Yonex ezone dr 98 platform, alpha or lite (285g)?

Hi, I love my DR98 310 gr but since it´s a tad heavy regarding swingweight I´m looking for a platform racquet to customize .

As I see it there are two alternatives, the alpha (275 gr) and the lite (285 gr).
After customization, the lite feels similar to the 310 gr but not as plush and a bit stiff in the hoop.
So I´m thinking about getting an alpha and give it a try. However, the only specs I can find for the alpha is weight, balance and RA? Does anyone know swingweight, twistweight or have any experience of the racquet? Is the alpha a "real" DR98 or just a cheaper racquet with a paintjob?
(i have tried to contact Yonex, but so far no reply)
Somewhere on the yonex fanclub discussion someone stated that the lighter Alpha version of Yonex ezone dr 98 is produced in China instead of Japan which explains its much lower price. Now i am reluctant to do the same as you: put 20 to 30 grams of lead on the cheaper stick to have a real DR 98. If you look at the numbers of Tennis University, the sweatspot of the lighter versions of all the racquets are almost very much smaller than the regular heavier version. I dont believe you cant make a regular model by just putting enough lead on the lower priced lower weight cousin model. Just like u cant make a racing car by just putting some racing tires underneath it, and some high end shock absorbers. The whole car has to be adapted incl an other engine.
Hello fellows, so here it goes..... According to my experience, the ezone DR 98 alpha is exactly the same shape as the 98(310)...

I have customize it for a 15 year old player, very slim kid with some skills, the result was pretty amazing, I've add 3grs at the hoop(10 and 2 o'clock) and 10grs at the but cap...

It has improved, stability, this lead position has proved to solve the inconsistent response when the ball strikes the string bed closer to the hoop..... When compared to the 310 version, what we get is a more flexible frame, which gives us a better connection in slower shots, and with the 10grs in the but the frames gets really much faster without become to hollow, not as hefty as the 310grs as well but I assure you that you'll not feel pushed around easily, or your opponent is really a hard hitter or you'll feel that this is enough for national league without any doubts...

If you would like to know, about the exact weight weight added, I 'll ask the kid the racquet and I will check it out and I let you know the static weight and the balance, with these 2 you can find the swing weight....
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