Best players, deserving #1s, and best years for women for last 20 years

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    In the last 20 years we know who the official year end #1s on the computer were on the WTA tour. However who were the true best players at the time, who had the best year, and who should have been the #1 ranked. Here are my choices for each year:

    1992: Seles all 3
    1993: Best player Seles, Best year Graf, Deserving #1 Graf or Seeles
    1994: Best player Graf, Best year Sanchez Vicario, Deserving #1 Sanchez Vicario
    1995: Graf all 3
    1996: Graf all 3
    1997: Hingis all 3
    1998: Best player Davenport, Best year Hingis, Deserving #1 Hingis
    1999: Best player Davenport, Best year Davenport, Deserving #1 Hingis
    2000: Best player Venus, Best year Davenport, Deserving #1 Hingis
    2001: All 3 Venus
    2002: All 3 Serena
    2003: Best player Serena, Best year Henin, Deserving #1 Henin
    2004: Best player Henin, Best year Henin or Sharapova, Deserving #1 Henin, Sharapova, Davenport, or Mauresmo
    2005: All 3 Clijsters
    2006: All 3 Henin
    2007: All 3 Henin
    2008: All 3 Serena
    2009: All 3 Serena
    2010: Best player Serena, Best year Clijsters, Deserving #1 Wozniacki
    2011: All 3 Kvitova

    The computer #1s for those years were:

    1992: Seles
    1993-1996: Graf
    1997: Hingis
    1998: Davenport
    1999-2000: Hingis
    2001: Davenport
    2002: Serena
    2003: Henin
    2004-2005: Davenport
    2006-2007: Henin
    2008: Jankovic
    2009: Serena
    2010-2011: Wozniacki
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    Feb 17, 2010
    Graf 4 times, Davenport 4 times and Hingis and Henin 3 times.I agree.Wozniacki is a joke...Any of the former would toy with her until the end.
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    Feb 13, 2012
    Oh, Davenport was no.1 for two straight years without winning a Major, (even though she could easily have ended up beating Venus and winning Wimbledon in 2005). Of course Lindsey had won them in the past. Wozniacki could just not get over the hill at the Grand Slam events and the other one who was frustrating as a player and who repeatedly got close was Safina. A player has much more claim to be number one with a Major in that year.

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