BEST players sticks of the past 10 yrs by head size!

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    After having played with a large number of great players sticks from different brands, I thought I'd post my definite list for the past 10 years. Here we go:

    Best small head (below 90): I'd have to go with the PC600 (it's 89.5!).
    Close second: Yonex RD Ti 88 (it's 88 as you probably guessed).

    Best 90: It has to be the rdx 500 mid. Sweet, sweet ,sweet! Best serve and volley stick I've played.
    Close second: K90

    Best 93: We have a clear winner here: Volkl tour 10 gen 1.
    Close second: humm... not sure.

    Best 95: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a tie! Dunlop MW 200g and PT630/280. Yes, great sticks, and sorry for those who thought the AG200 was as good as the MW.... it's not even close.
    Close second: TF 325 original one.

    Best 98: Easily BB11 SE. Yes, the beast, but only for those who can swing it.
    For the others, I found all the volkl tour 10s MP very good, and each has its own flavour. Just have to choose the one you like the best for your game.
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    Completing the point with a shoulder-high punch in
    Wrong forum. But you're right, the MW200G stands alone compared to the AG200.

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