best price/performance upgrade option for an older alpha blu-dc

Hi all,

I have an older Alpha Blu-DC machine and have been wanting to upgrade without hurting the wallet too much.

I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to upgrade this to a wise head, because it is older and doesn't have some of the more modern perks:

I've tried my best to take the machine apart to lubricate moving parts, etc.

some minor stuff:

1 of the 6 point mount is still permanently stuck half way...

basically all the rubber components on the mounting systems are fairly aged and are falling apart

1 of the fixed clamp would very rarely get some locking issue, leads me to believe the nut/bolt component might be damaged

So while I love the idea of having an electronic tension head, it's also nice to have some nicer/newer features like the clamps etc

I saw some separate upgrade parts from Pro's pro website under spare parts but i'm not 100% sure if they would work

I'm thinking the best bet would be to get the wise if i can upgrade separately on the same machine... or if that's not possible then i need to invest in a new machine first?

what are some of your suggestions?

Mounting and clamps are more important than getting a wise. You should contact Alpha and see if they have any parts to make your machine function the way it should before you invest in a wise unit.