Best Setup For Wilson Ultra Tour

Yes Solinco is a little smaller at all gauges. I guess I could try RPM 19g but not made.

And yes stiffer off the stringer... interestingly the Hyper-G holds up better than the rpm. But I like to cut poly at max of 15 hours of play... blame old poly for my TE earlier this year.

Lastly, I started the RPM 2lbs lighter than the hyper G. Like the playablity of rpm, toying with dropping another 4lbs to 44 and testing.
My take on Ultra Tour is lead on entire loop and throat, then as much lead under handle as rubber band testing dictates (add heavy rubber bands on the handle in various distributions to "preview" extra weight, then add lead under grip once optimal distribution is found)

Natural Gut / Poly works very well to maximize comfort and touch...I personally prefer 18g poly strung with proportional method for a bit more spin.
I haven’t seen that much learned since the shootout at the OK corral. Holy s#$@!

What does that thing weigh and what is the swing weight for Gods sake?

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