Best shoe for sore feet.

Discussion in 'Shoes and Apparel' started by dmastous, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. dmastous

    dmastous Professional

    Oct 11, 2005
    Every time I spend a hour on court I spend a day with some pretty sore feet, especially towards the heel. I have Planter Fasciitis, and have worn inserts, but they only make things a little better. I'm looking for recommendations on shoes that have the best cushioning and arch support.
  2. KBalla08

    KBalla08 Semi-Pro

    Jun 16, 2006
    i know they are very heavy but the Reebok Pumps are soooo comfortable, they have fabulous cushioning, and are cheap :)
  3. andyroddick's mojo

    andyroddick's mojo Professional

    Jan 2, 2006
    nike air max breathe III's are supposed to be very comfortable, while the nike air zoom vapor III's are supposed to have good arch support.
  4. mucat

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    Aug 9, 2004
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    I have exactly the same problem. I used Dr.Scholls Tri-comfort inserts with my regular shoes, like you said it helped a little. Finally, I decided to get NB CT1001 and also wear with the inserts, now I hardly feel any pain at all. I don't know about arch support, but the CT1001 does have very good cushioning, the best I tried so far. Also, I have to wear the inserts everytime when I go even with my other shoes.

    Now, I wanted to try reebok match day pump since it is on sale, anyone has a comparsion of reebok match day pump vs. NB CT1001? Especially the cushioning.

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