Best-sounding (or least annoying) Grunt on ATP Tour?


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Clearly, the least annoying grunters on the ATP tour are the players who don't grunt at all, BUT among players who do grunt, which would you say has the best-sounding (or the least annoying, if you can't choose a "best") grunt?

I nominate Dominic Thiem. It's pretty audible, but it's not shrill or contrived, nor is it annoyingly protracted. I feel like it also matches his shots quite well.


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This is like asking what the least bad truck nutz are.

Grunting is totally unnecessary and trashy as ****.
This is really not true. Hitting hard requires an expulsion of air, which sometimes translates into a grunt. My anatomy professor actually made us do a bit of research on this in college. Part of the reason why I quit and did a math major instead.

However, I will say that a vast majority of players may do it out of habit rather than because of the effort they are putting in.