Best Strin For Wilson Ncode 6.1 95

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by minh90, May 30, 2005.

  1. minh90

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    Best String For Wilson Ncode 6.1 95

    I have a friend that has an Ncode 6.1 95 and he was wondering what string was best for it he hits very hard and has good control bu can't seem to find the best string for it, please help him out and tell me what string would be best.

    Thank You, Minh90
  2. Michelangelo

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    May 27, 2005
    Humm... for my nSix-One Tour 90, I use Luxilon ALU Power Rough on main and either Luxilon TiMO 17-gauge or Babolat Syntronic Brio 16-gauge on cross, all are at 58lbs and with Sampras O-type dampener. I would say TiMO gives you a bit more consistancy while Brio feels a bit livelier and easier to your elbow. For my Pro Staff 85 I use TiMO 17-gauge on cross and Brio 16-gauge on main, also at 58lbs. Not sure if it's the strings or not (but most likely due to the stick, not the strings), it feels a bit more pop, especially at baseline.
  3. SC in MA

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    Apr 6, 2004
    Here's my n61 95 stringing experience. Not sure how it might apply to your friend.

    I first used Klip natural gut at 60lbs. It was too powerful for me. It lasted a pretty long time but it mostly felt boardy. It wasn't until the very end that it felt comfortable.

    I've mostly used Prince Syn Gut w/Duraflex at 60lbs. Control and comfort is good. Much less power the Klip natural gut and a more muted feel.

    I've used LaserFibre Classic Syn Gut at 60lbs once. I liked it a lot. It offered a good combo of power and control. Much more crisp feeling than PSG. The string broke after about 10 sessions.

    I'm currently using a BowBrand Natural Gut (mains)/LF Syn Gut (crosses) hybrid at 60lbs. It felt boardy and springy at the same time for the first couple of sessions, then got very comfortable. Nice power, control and feel.
  4. highsierra

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    Apr 4, 2005
    I tried a couple of more expensive string and when the string on my SixOne 95 broke the 3rd time within a month, I went with the dirty cheap Prince Original Syn Gut (kind of brownish color). It turned out to have very good feel. I guess since the stick itself is pretty and heavy and powerful already, you don't want the string to have too much playability. I also hope the 16G string will last longer. It worked out well as the racket already broke the bank, the less I can spend on the string, the better. :mrgreen:

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