Best string setup for ig speed 18x20


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What string setup works best for those of you that use the IG Speed 18x20. I use the IG Speed but I can't find a string that gives me a lively response.


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What I have tried

I originally strung mine with Signum Pro Poly 58 pounds. 18 gauge. I really liked it. The first set lasted a few months and was still playing pretty well.

Those busted so I just tried Luxilon Floro same tension. I am not really liking it.
I can still serve well, it just doesnt feel like the same racquet.

I think I am going to try a multifilament, maybe x one biphase.


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strung mine with babolat xcel... it was the third string i tried and after i didnt bother testing other strings. it just suited the racket so well.