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  1. Here it goes, im a good player, used to be really good, but ive never cared to much about strings. I have always had other people stringing my racquets and never experimented with strings at all!:shock: Dont know why really, i guess i was happy with keeping it simple.

    Planning on starting now, what do you guys think about Luxilon alu power on the mains and babolat hurricane on the crosses? Im currently using the BLX Six-One Tour
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    Jul 13, 2010
    Try switching Alu power for big banger rough. and are you gonna use hurricanes or hurricane tour?
  3. I see, what would the difference be between alu power and big banger rough?
    Uhm im not sure,i think they were just called hurricane
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    Jul 7, 2010
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    I've used both Alu Pwr and Alu Pwr Rgh in my K90's. I liked the rough better as I felt it was easier to generate spin. I was stringing at 60lbs though and that is what I should have experienced according to this article:

    Had I strung them around 50lbs, the spin potential should be about the same. I did not try this as I find lower tensions to have way too much spring for my tastes. What bothered me most and why I don't use the Alu Pwrs any more is that they go dead really quickly and the string bed feels like a board compared to RPM Blast and MSV Focus EVO which I am currently using and very happy with. The Lux strings played for ~3 hours before I wanted to cut them out. With RPM Blast and Focus EVO I get at least the same if not more spin production, with a softer feel and better durability than I ever got from the Luxilons. If I had the ability to have a fresh set of Lux every 3 hours, I would not likely have ven looked at the others, but I pay for my own string jobs. I have several other Mid and Mid+ frames and they are all strung with RPM Blast at the current time. I would urge you to try it (or MSV Focus EVO), I don't think you will be disappointed. I have also heard great things about Solinco Tour Bite, but have not tried it personally yet. Good luck.
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    behind your curtain
    hey TMOP its been a while! good to see you back.
    what are you using now?
  6. Hi my Danish friend! It has! Thank you and good to see you to

    I just bought a couple of Wilson BLX six one tour and they are unstrung at the moment, before i used bb alu power all over the stringbed, it if i lost control of my shots now and then, didnt really feel the impact, i like the power i get with the bb alu power but i would like to have a string that gave me more feel on my shots
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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Hmm sounds like you should try a hybrid perhaps if you need a bit more feel..
    Alu power got more feel to it than most polys IMO.
    You could try hybriding Alu power with either gut or a good multi.
  8. Thanks, so many ways to go...I was thinking bb alu power on the mains and maybe a babolat-string on the crosses...
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    that could do it! alu on mains and VS or excel power on crosses..
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    TMOP, keep in mind the babolat strings big_bang just suggested are very different than the hurricane you considered in your first post(s).

    I'd second the suggestion of going towards a softer string in your crosses (like vs gut or xcel power).

    Take care!
  11. Thank you GPB, its a djungle...
  12. kiteboard

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    Jun 18, 2009
    vs team 17g mains, blackcode crosses.
  13. Hm actually thats an interesting combo...would look weird though :)
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    I feel like I repeat myself, but will always help a Swedish brother out if I can :D

    Since you feel full Alu Power is a bit too stiff and lacks feel, especially after 3-4 hours, you should try what I use as my favorite setup, a hybrid of Babolat VS Nat gut and Alu Power.

    I have a reel of both Alu Power and Alu Power Rough, and the difference between the two is that Alu Rough feels a bit more crisp, spins a bit more, while Alu Power (Smooth) feels a bit softer and is a bit more durable.

    If you want extra feel and touch on your shots, you should defintely do like me - hybrid VS natty gut and Alu Power (Smooth) or Alu Power Rough.

    Try both hybrid setups and decide if you prefer the Alu in the mains or the VS natty gut in the mains.

    Alu mains + VS natty gut crosses - Murray and Cilic setup. You keep most of the Alu feel, get a bit extra control from the baseline but not so much at the net. You keep most of the control, because the Alu is in the mains. Best for all courters, who focus on the baseline most.

    VS natty gut mains + Alu crosses - Djokovic and Federer setup. You get the soft touchy feel at the net from the natty gut mains, you get extra power from the baseline, the stringbed feels more lively and alive and you get extra power on serves. You might lose a bit control sompared to the reverse setup. Best for all court players, that comes to the net often and who likes to play drop shots often.

    If VS Natty gut is too expensive for you, try replacing the VS Natty gut with Tecnifibre X-one or Tecnifibre NRG2 or Babolat Xcel Power.

    Since you're an accomplished player, I guess you break strings quite often, not going past the 10-12 hours mark, so no need to replace the Alu with Blackcode or any other poly. Alu is in a class of its own for the first 3-4 hours, but in hybrids with natty gut, you prolong the life of it to 8-10 hours in my 2 years experience with this setup.
    Alu mains x VS crosses feels dead faster than VS mains x Alu crosses does in my view.

    Best thing is to test the setup, until you get the hybrid where you want it, and also get the tension you prefer.
    But start out with VS Gut @ 62-60 lbs and Alu @ 56-58 lbs, then see how you like it and test, test and test :)

    Regarding the Babolat VS natty gut, try VS Touch 16 gauge first, then try VS Team 17 gauge, if durability is not an issue with the VS Touch 16.
    VS Team 17 is the best natty gut in the world, but most AtP players use the thicker VS Touch 16 for durability and less liveliness.
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  15. Thanx a lot my Swedish? friend! This has been very very helpful and ive got some really cool ideas on how to do this! Thank you! :)

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