Best tennis book?


Instructional: Winning Ugly or Maximum Tennis. Historical: Hardcourts by Feinstein or A Handful of Summers by Gordon Forbes.

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There are several threads on this subject. I encourage you to explore them using the SEARCH feature. There's a *wealth* of information in those topics which have already covered the great tennis books.

(And lots of other topics too...!)

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Winning Ugly is immense and FlagrantFoul i have a signed boris becer autobiography (thought u migh appreciate)


Here's a few I've gotten alot out of:

Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert (Good info and good insight into the "other" game of tennis)
Tennis for Dummies by Patrick McEnroe and ? (Just interest tennis "stuff")

I let a match slip away last week and was so disappointed with my lack of mental toughness that I went the library last weekend and check out of whole bunch of books about the mental game etc....couple old ones that I found really seemed to help. I perused and read them all week and last night I won 8-2 against a pretty tough serve and got dicey in few games too and I had to dig down deep. I think these books gave me immediately usable ideas on how to not "wilt" with a lead.:

If I'm The Better Player, Why Can't I Win? by Fox/Evans
The Mental game of Tennis by ?
Tennis Without Lesson by Jim Brown.

I also really enjoyed Brad Gilbert's other book...I think it's called "I've Got Your Back". It's more autobiographical in nature and talks more about his coaching of Andre and Arod....very interesting to be inside the players "camp" as a season and it's challenges develop.


My personal belief is for learning Tennis, Books are USELESS. Books are only good for Tips & may be some strategies. Tennis concepts, I believe, are best taught by Instruction.

I read quite a few books. But the best piece of advises/tips i got are from actually playing tennis & where else...our TT forum.


I didn't like Brad Gilbert's "winning ugly"...I found some passages very entertaining but overall found it VERY repetitive, verbose, and very "autobiographical" (which is OK sometimes, but at times he likes to revisit very specific moments in too much detail)...lastly, he misses a lot of "winning ugly" tips, which why i bought the book...


Sharkman said:
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Best tennis instruction book is Championship Strategy by Pancho Segura. Segura was the coach for Jimmy Connors. Pity that it's out of print, you try it on ****.


Forget about Winning Ugly.

First of all, it's anly about one aspect of tennis (the mental side). Second, it's full of statements of the obvious. And finally it is VERY repetitive and a bad read. Even if you read it in 2-3 days (there is only so much one can take of that guy at one time), it'll be a waste of time.

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austro said:
(there is only so much one can take of that guy at one time)
On reading that, I was *instantly* reminded of the USO, when Brad was still coaching Andy. The Network panned over to where Brad was sitting, for one of Andy's matches and ... all but one person had moved away from him. He was ruining their experience with his constant commentary. There really *is* a limit to how much "Brad" one can take.

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