Best tennis club in Houston


I'm getting you a great answer on this one, but maybe hard to get into it.
Got to check on the location and name for you.
Hey texasdoc, you could check into both Houston Racquet Club and the Galleria Tennis & Athletic Club (all indoor). There are several other possibilities. All the best in your search. Houston has many really nice tennis clubs.


Carlton Woods just got a new Head Pro who will shake up the whole Houston tennis scene I expect! That is where you want to be IMHO.
Depends a bit on what you're looking for. Houston Racquet Club and Westside Tennis and Fitness would be my top two, depending on what you want. Both have a great many players at your level, whatever it is, Westside probably the most. HRC has best physical premises, much wealthier membership and WAY more expensive. Westside the most kid-friendly. Tell me what characteristics mean "best" to you.


Well, I am ~36, been out of playing for a while. I want a nice club to play some people at my level, also some instruction for myself. Kids are very little, so mo for future planning if they take to tennis to get them some instruction.

Some social events and some nice quality people around would be good also.

Indoor is a must in Houston.

Carlton Woods is in Woodlands, right? That would be too far - I am near Sugar Land area.

Anyone know anything about the Houston City Club on Greenway?
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If you gotta have indoor, then Houston City Club or GTAC (Galleria Tennis & Athletic Club) would be the best bets, they're all indoor. Sweetwater Country Club is out your way and also has some indoor courts, so would be worth a look. I think it'd fit your nice club, social events criteria too. City Club meets those criteria too, I don't know as much about GTAC.