Best Tennis Console Game.


What's the best Tennis Console Game?

I have Sega Sports Tennis, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 and Top Spin for the PS2. My fav is Top Spin.

My brother has Top Spin 2 on the XBox360 which in my opinion is the best and most realistic. But I am not going to buy a new console just for one game.

On the DS most of the tennis games are crap expect for the Prince of Tennis but that is a Japanese title only.


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Virtua Tennis 3 is the other major contender. I have only played the demo so can't really comment on that one.


Top Spin is on Xbox.

And I like Wii Sports tennis. Yeah, it's cheesy, and you can't miss unless you hit a really stupid shot, but at least you're swinging something. Now if only EA will work on 'Roger Federer ATP Tour 09', in the same vein as Tiger Woods' games.


Tennis 2K2 - on the Sega DreamCast
(you can pick up a DreamCast for under $40CND, and the game for about $2)

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